Chabad Lubavitch/Alaska Jewish Campus Welcomes our Visitors & Tourists to Alaska under strict COVID-19 Guidelines Mandated by State of Alaska!


Due to COVID-19, we have currently suspended any guest dining.  We are only offering now take-out of five course Shabbat meals featuring gourmet delicious entrees prepped by a local chef for pick up.  (All meat & dairy products are shipped by air-cargo from the lower 48 states which adds to the cost).  

Over the last twenty-eight years, we have provided exceptional hospitality to guests from all over the world and have compiled reference information which we hope will be helpful as you plan your visit.


In addition to downloading our Tourist Information Guide and reading our FAQs, we encourage you to visit alaska.org, an Alaska travel site created by members of our community, Bob & Yael Kaufman, which will provide even more detailed information on exciting Alaska attractions. 


If you have already arranged your dates of travel, please make Shabbat meal reservations online for take out using the form below. We look forward to welcoming you to your home away from home!  


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