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Adult Education

The David & Ruth Green Lubavitch Jewish Center has founded the Institute of Adult Jewish Studies in Alaska. The institute provides educational opportunities to study and learn the Jewish culture, philosophy and history, Talmud and Jewish law, Kaballah and Jewish mysticism, etc.


Noted guest lecturers such as Dr. Abraham Twerski, Dr. Norman Lamm and Laibel Wolf are only a few of the Institute’s guest speakers who have visited Anchorage and lectured to packed auditoriums of hundreds of listeners.


The Institute also provides a forum to present principals of Judaism to the community at large. Weekly class topics range from hypnosis and astrology to meditation and reincarnation.


Classes are taught by experienced Rabbis with extensive background in all aspects of Hebrew language, Talmud and Jewish law, Mishnah, Midrash, Kaballah and Jewish mysticism.




“Chavurah” – Jewish ‘Night Out’ Gatherings bring families together for a lively discussion on various Jewish topics of relevance.  At these gatherings which are held at different homes of members of the Chavurah adults discuss new books, documentaries, and classical Jewish writings while the children are entertained in a meaningful program.


“Rosh Chodesh” Women’s League


The Rosh Chodesh Women's League provides a periodic gathering to celebrate and honor Jewish womanhood through a variety of cultural activities and workshops. This is a unique opportunity that allows the hostess of the month to choose the theme of the program.

Weekly Jewish Insights with

Rabbi Levi Glitsenetin

This class is open to those interested in learning about the fundamental aspects of Jewish thought.


Rabbi Glitsebstein's lectures provide a weekly forum for exploration and dialogue of the various writings of Jewish Classics such as Maimonides and Rashi, the Talmud, Jewish Law, the Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) and much more.

Wednesdays, 8:00pm, in person and on zoom.

For more information,

please call 907-279-1200 or email

Hebrew Language Courses


The center periodically offers Hebrew Language Courses, which introduce beginners to reading Hebrew as well as conversational skills. Please contact us for more information.


Adult Classes

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