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The Lubavitch Jewish Center of Alaska is dedicated to making the richness of Jewish Heritage and Culture a relevant and meaningful experience to every Alaskan regardless of background or affiliation.


We have been servicing the Alaska community for over twenty years through a wide range of programs, activities and events. In appealing to all segments of the community, the Center has followed many paths to enriching Jewish life in Alaska.


In bringing these different ideas together, the Lubavitch Jewish Center has created a deep sense of community and a home away from home for all Alaskans.

Our Philosophy

Our Alaskan Jewish Center is known by locals and visitors for its warmth that melts away any barriers and differences among those who attend. Thanks to our successful programs the synagogue has managed to attract members from across the spectrum of Judaism.

Our History

In 1991 with the arrival of Rabbi Yosef
and Esther Greenberg in Anchorage, the Lubavitch Jewish Center of Alaska was established providing services to the more than 6000 Jews who live in Alaska, of whom more than 3000 live in Anchorage.

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