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Join us for a truly meaningful and inspiring experience!

Shabbat Experience


Celebrating Shabbat with our community is truly a meaningful and inspiring experience. Our Shabbat programs and services offer you and your family the opportunity to join others in a warm and informal atmosphere. This is a great time to mingle, to learn, and to share. Eat traditional Shabbat foods, learn popular Jewish songs, and discuss Jewish philosophy, and culture.


Shabbat Early Bird Class

On Shabbat Morning, we offer an early bird class with coffee and cake at 10:00am, with Rabbi Levi Glitsenstein, discussing the main themes of the weekly Torah portion with ancient and modern interpretations. Following the class, morning services begin at 10:30am.

Lively Sermon by Rabbi Greenberg

Following the Torah Reading, at about 12:00pm, Rabbi Greenberg presents a lively, thought provoking discussion on the relevance of Jewish culture and philosophy to today’s issues, with anecdotes from the weekly Torah Portion and the wisdom of our sages.

Shabbat Community Luncheon Reception

Celebrate the spirit of Shabbat as we all mingle during Shabbat Community Luncheon at the center. Each Shabbat following services at about 1:00pm, the Center provides a tantalizing luncheon reception buffet for the entire community.


Eat traditional Shabbat foods, learn popular Jewish songs, and listen to local and national guest speakers and community members who present on various topics of interest.

Shabbat Kids Club

The Shabbat Experience for the Whole Family

The place for fun, creative Judaism! With CKids, your children will learn about their Jewish heritage in a fun and interactive way while meeting other Jewish kids like themselves.


Engaging lessons from the parsha and holidays that relate to kids' own lives, exciting stories that will keep kids on the edges of their seats, fun songs and games that bring the lessons to life and much more. No background knowledge necessary. Ages 3-12. Register today and get started on an unforgettable
Jewish journey!

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