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The center strives to make Judaism vivid and user-friendly for today's child. Our programs are specifically designed to be relevant enough to last a lifetime.


Drama, song, and interactive workbooks bring the information to life. We are dedicated to providing Jewish children the opportunity to explore their heritage and culture regardless of background or affiliation.

Hebrew Youth Club

Discover the richness of our Jewish Heritage and Culture in an exciting and fun environment!Students learn to read and write Hebrew, and are exposedto Jewish tradition and history through Zman Likro HebrewMastery Program, Hands-On Holiday Workshops, Theater, Culinary Arts,
School Wide Activities, Field Trips and more!


New Pilot Program- Hebrew School of the Arts
Visiting artists will share their journey, and inspire a love for our rich ancient heritage with the creativity and beauty of modern-day art. Featuring: Oil painting, Beading, Wood Working, Culinary Arts, Mad Science and more! Stay tuned for more details throughout the year!

Talmud Torah Academy Enrichment Program

Talmud Torah Academy is designed to provide your child with greater depth and skills of Hebrew language and Jewish knowledge through creativity and hands-on exploration. Teachers become familiar with individual learning styles and work with individual student needs and strengths.

One to four times a week, your child will have the opportunity for an extensive exploration of Jewish studies led by graduates of premier Jewish educational institutes.

This program works best for students who are attending the weekly Hebrew Youth Club Program, and are looking to broaden their already existing knowledge of Jewish culture and history.



  • Jewish History

  • Philosophy

  • Hebrew Vocabulary

  • Hebrew Conversation

  • Torah and related commentaries

  • Cultural explorations of Judaism

  • Historical explorations of Judaism


Grades K-7.  Monday - Thursday (sessions are optional) 3:30 - 5:40 pm.


** The following are the Talmud Torah schedule options for your choice:

  • Plan One: 1 day per week – Monday or Wednesday

  • Plan Two: 2 days per week – Monday & Wednesday, or Monday & Thursday

  • Plan Three: 3 days per week –Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays (only)

  • Plan Four: 4 days per week – Monday thru Thursday


Feel free to call Mushky to discuss scheduling options that may work best for your family.

CKids Shabbat Program



Children ages 3-5yrs and 6-12yrs learn about their Jewish Heritage in a fun and interactive way while meeting other Jewish kids like them. With so much in store every Shabbat, your child won't want to miss one week of this exciting program! Includes exciting incentive programs and prizes.

BMC: The Power of Youth


The Bar Mitzvah Club offers boys a year bursting with youthful energy inspired by fun and exciting projects, trips and events. Activities include incredible outdoor adventures, exclusive Shabbatons, community service and leadership opportunities.


These clubs are a great way to have fun with friends and an incredible Jewish experience while feeling good about making the world a better place.

Bat Mitzvah Club: In On the Excitement?


The Bat Mitzvah Club will provides young women with a year of out of the box programs, discussions and discovery. It will give the Bat Mitzvah girl the gift of a lifetime, as she will be involved in a mix of inspiration and entertainment and partying… a delightful and deep journey in Jewish pride and self-growth. BMC emphasizes that a Bat Mitzvah is much more than a party, it is truly a celebration of oneself.

Camp Gan Israel brings together the highest quality in adventure, art, and fun. Dozens of specialty camps rolled into one, our camp enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter - working hard each year to incorporate innovative ideas, and out-of-the-box activities into our program. We turn each day into an adventure, working with your child to help them learn new skills, broaden their horizons, and develop self-esteem. Your child will kayak on Eklutna lake, go on nature hikes and fishing trips, create a ceramic masterpiece, and star in talent shows all while enjoying lots of stories, songs, making new friendships and experiencing the joy of their Jewish heritage in a warm and caring environment.


For more information and to register, please visit

Camp Gan Israel
Gan Yeladim Early Learning Center


Gan Yeladim enjoys a reputation as one of the premier early education centers in Anchorage for toddlers and preschoolers.

For more information on Gan Yeladim Early Learning Center, please visit:

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