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Frequently Asked Travel Questions

Do you provide kosher meals?

The Center offers full course Shabbat meals featuring delicious, homemade dishes, served at the Jewish Center (the Center does not offer the third meal, take-out meals, or catering). Prepaid reservations for Shabbat meals are required. If you would like to register for meals, please fill out the Online Registration Form on the Tourist Information Page.


A Kosher section was established at the Natural Pantry in Anchorage. In addition, several large grocery stores, such as Carrs/Safeway and Fred Meyer, COSTCO and Wal-Mart, carry the same variety of Kosher OU-OK-CK foods which you would be able to purchase in the large supermarkets. Kosher wine can be purchased at Carrs Oaken Keg liquor stores. For more information, please see the Tourist Information Packet.  Please note that the Falafel King is not under any Kosher Supervision.  


Do you have a daily minyan?

We have a minyan every Shabbat morning at 10:30am. Friday night Kabalat Shabbat times vary each week corresponding to the earliest Shabbat lighting (Plag HaMincha). As minyan is not guaranteed on Fridays, please call to verify that we have a minyan. We do not have a daily minyan. For Shabbat times and all other zmanim, please see our Tourist Information Packet.  Please click here to fill out our Shul Services RSVP form to attend.


Do you provide lodging?

We do not provide lodging, however we have developed relationships with several local accommodations within walking distance of our center. Please see our Tourist Information Guide for a list of recommended accommodations.


Can you help us plan our vacation?

One of our members, Mr. Bob Kaufman, specializes in helping visitors plan and book Alaska cruises and custom Alaska land tours. You may visit his website or email him for honest, detailed advice on cruises, lodging, activities, transportation, and popular destinations, including Alaska's most extensive photo and online video trip planning library. You may also call their Anchorage call center at 888-ALASKA-8 (888-252-7528 ). Knowledgeable agents will help you pick the right cruise, design a custom land itinerary, check availability, and make all bookings on your behalf for the same, or lower, cost as if you booked direct. Alaska Airlines recently chose as their exclusive partner to operate their Alaska Vacations program.

Alaska Candle Lighting Times?

For individuals visiting different cities across Alaska who desire to observe Shabbat and need to know the local Candle Lighting times, we recommend going to and in the upper right hand corner of their website, they have a link to candle lighting times.  Input the zip code of the Alaska city that you are visiting to find out what the local candle lightening time will be.

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