Chabad Lubavitch/Alaska Jewish Campus

Welcomes our Visitors & Tourists to Alaska

under COVID-19 Guidelines Mandated by State of Alaska!

Due to the recent spike in the COVID Delta Variant in Alaska, we are unable to provide Shabbat meals for the next few weeks. Shabbat services will continue to be held with KN95 masks required for all. Services begin at 10:30am on Shabbat morning.

In addition to downloading our COVID-19 Tourist Information Guide and reading our FAQs, we encourage you to visit alaska.org, an Alaska travel site created by members of our community, Bob & Yael Kaufman, which will provide even more detailed information on exciting Alaska attractions. 

 We look forward to welcoming you to your home away from home!  

Lubavitch Jewish Center & Synagogue

COVID-19 Mitigation Policy

COVID-19 Synagogue Guidelines: 

  • Visitors participating in Shabbat services will have to upload their negative COVID-19 test results taken after arriving in Alaska within 48 hours before Shabbat.   

  • Every attendee will be required to wear a face mask. 

  • Chairs will be arranged 8 feet part from each other for proper social distancing.

  • Torah reading and Aliyot, will take place with required social distancing.

  • Only the cantor will hold the Torah. No touching or kissing of the Torah by attendees. 

  • If you have a temperature of any symptoms of a cold or flu including just a sore throat, please stay at your lodging. 

  • If you have any health issues that put you at great risk, please stay at your lodging.


We want our visitors and tourists to understand that the only way they can join us for davening and shul during COVID-19 is only by their full cooperation with the COVID policies and requirements.