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Shabbat Candle Lighting Times, Services 

& Shabbat Meals 

Generously Sponsored by the Naider Family

Please Note: Per our Center COVID-19 Mitigation Plan, guests who would like to register for meals will be asked to sign a pledge that they are vaccinated or will be vaccinated by the day of the event. 

Guests who are not fully vaccinated will be asked to sign a pledge to have a negative COVID-19 test result with 72 hours prior to the event.

Friday, July 23rd, Candle Lighting Times
Plag (Earliest Time) - 9:09 PM
Latest Time to Light Candles - 10:41 PM
All Guests are Invited to Light Shabbat candles at the Synagogue prior to Kabbalat Shabbat services.

Friday Night Services Followed By Dinner, July 23rd, 8:45 PM

Shabbat dinner will be served at the Alaska Jewish Campus, 1117 East 35th Avenue, generously sponsored by the Naider Family.  Pre-Shabbat dinner which will include fish and salad at 7:30PM.  At 8:45PM we will have Mincha, Candle Lighting, Kabbalat Shabbat, Kiddish and Challah and dessert.  RSVP required for adults and children.

Shabbat Morning Services Followed By Luncheon, July 24th, 10:30 AM

Shabbat Lunch is served at the synagogue immediately following services in conjunction with the community Shabbat luncheon, and is generously sponsored by the Naider Family. Shabbat morning services begin at 10:30 AM, followed by Shabbat Luncheon at 12:30 PM. RSVP Required for adults and children. Minchah service will be held following the meal at 3 PM.

Shabbat Ends at 1:11 AM (Early Sunday Morning, July 25th)


Alaska Kosher Food Options

A Kosher section was established at the Natural Pantry at 3680 Barrow Street (corner of 36th Avenue, off C St., near the Loussac Library). They usually carry a variety of items including: Empire cold cuts, frankfurters, turkey, chicken, chicken & turkey pot pies, Meal Mart frozen meals, J2 frozen Pizzas, Tillamook cheddar cheese, blintzes, cream cheese, smoked mozzarella cheese, puddings and snacks, frozen whole grain Pas Yisrael Ezekiel bread and other items. Frozen Unbaked Kineret brand Challah is sometimes available, and they do carry Kedem Grape Juice. In order to guarantee that the items you would like are in stock, please call Vikki at the Natural Pantry at 907-770-1444 or fax at 770-1445

In addition, several large grocery stores, such as Carrs/Safeway and Fred Meyer, COSTCO and Wal-Mart, carry the same variety of Kosher OU-OK-CK foods which you would be able to purchase in the large non-Kosher supermarkets in the Lower 48 including: bagels, tuna, sardines, smoked salmon (lox), pickles, potato chips, etc. Manischewitz products, such as matzah, gefilte fish, chicken soup, Pas Yisrael Ezekiel bread, etc. for Friday night dinners are also available. Kosher wine can be purchased at Carrs’ Oaken Keg liquor stores. There are no kosher delis, restaurants, or other places to purchase hot kosher food in Alaska. Please note that the Falafel King is not under any Kosher Supervision.  Outside of Anchorage, a smaller selection of the same kosher products is available. There is a very limited selection of OUD and OKD dairy products available. There is no chalav Israel products available. 

Alaska Lodging Options

Hotel Name                      Hotel Phone                    Address                        Walking Distance
Residence Inn (Marriott)            (907) 563 9844                          1025 E. 35th Ave.                    1 minute - Next Door
Please Note: the Residence Inn offers very nice accommodations and is the preferred location for most sabbath-observant guests visiting for the weekend given its proximity immediately adjacent to the Shul
Extended Stay Deluxe                (907) 646-4208                           700 E 34th Ave                    7 minutes
Embassy Suites  (5 star)             (907) 332-7000                          600 E Benson Blvd               10 minutes  
Alaska European B&B                (907) 258-2746                           3107 Cottonwood St.            10 minutes 
Fireweed Manor B&B                (907) 223-6671                             1013 E.  28th Street              10 minutes
                                                       (907) 336-3443               
RSVP & Shabbat Order From
Lodging Info
Torah Dedication
Sanctuary Social Hall Dedication

Dedication Opportunities

for The Alaskan CommUnity Torah

All dedications will be honored with a certificate of their inclusion in the Torah writing. Donors of $1000 or higher, will be honored to inscribe a letter in the Torah together with the sofer (scribe) at the completion ceremony. Dedications of $5,000 or higher will be honored by carrying the Torah during the Torah Procession.

Earthquake Fund
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