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What is Challah? 

Challah is a braided bread served on Shabbat (Sabbath). Challah traditionally consists of seven ingredients, each with special symbolic meaning.

Water- brings life and nourishment to all things
Yeast-represents growth and expansion. Yeast also represents rising-rising to our full potential
Eggs-represent renewal and the potential of things in our lives that are about  to “hatch”
Oil-represents anointing
Sugar-represents anything sweet in our lives, all the revealed good in our lives
Salt-represents discipline or criticism. It is important to have, but in small measure. Also represents purification.
Flour-represents sustenance, not only our livelihood but also our relationships with others


The interwoven strands we use to braid Challah represents the unification of these ideas. The braid also symbolizes the family and community bonds that we strengthen through the celebration of Shabbat dinner. 

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